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Run for an official Charity organization

Guarantee your spot in the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon by opting out of the public drawing, and running for an official charity.

Please note that only the charities listed below have access to guaranteed entries into the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Prior to registering with a charity, use the search functions below to learn more about the charity you wish to run for, team benefits and fundraising expectations. After contacting your charity of choice, you will work with that charity to complete your registration for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Search for a specific charity by name

  1. Enter the name of the official charity you wish to run for below
  2. Click the 'View' button to vie the charity's information
  3. Request their unique registration link via email


Browse charities by category

Not sure which official charity you should choose?
Select a category of below to browse our official charities and request a direct registration link from your favorite.